Affordable Workforce Housing – Advocacy

I’ve been an advocate for business related issues for many years. For the same amount of years I have also tried to persuade many a budding & existing politican to listen and react to these issues. The best time to engage politicians is close to an election…it’s just good politics as they say. 🙂

Even though it seems like a ways out there, our Federal Election is just around the proverbial corner. Potential candidates are vying for position…campaigns are in the early stages of organization…and the citizenry should be getting ready with our messaging ( Gauranteed that we’ll be asked.

Affordable Workforce Housing is one of these priority issues. Please review the following digital collateral, i.e., blogs, podcasts, videos, articles and familiarize yourself with this community priority. We must ensure that this issue is a Fall Election priority for all candidates.

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